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Deposits of individuals under percent online

The INDEX TOP-20 program in this plan looks much more attractively.  It isn't necessary to have the sum from $10 000. 

There are enough only $100

And this best investment of your money

Besides it is safer, after all if someone from traders of the twenty goes to a minus, its negative result will be blocked by other traders entering the TOP-20 Index.


How you deposited to the account money, they break equal shares into 20 parts. For example, you brought $1000/20 = $50.


Deposits of individuals under percent online

Every month I transfer on the card percent of $300. Within one year the sufficient sum to gain such passive income was gained. I am very happy with this program because this best investment of money for Forex

Each of traders operates only 1/20 part of your money. As the private investors similar to you many, all arrived means of investors are grouped in 20 large accounts, each of which one of 20 best traders entering the TOP operates.

It allows them to sell and to buy large volumes of currencies in the market Forex that would be impossible if the trader worked only with one your small sum of money, of $1000. It would be not the best investment of money

Thus, in the FOREX MMCIS group company there is an opportunity to invest (to invest) the money in any one specific trader, but for this purpose it is necessary to possess the solid starting capital - from $10 000.



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